Errata and Corrections for Daimyo Senso

Hojo’s Daimyo Card has his actions in the incorrect order

Please refer to the board for the correct action order.

Rules Clarification for Regional Bonuses/Control

Disregard anywhere in the rulebook where it tells you that a player must have “full control” of every Province in a Region to use the Regional Bonuses. A player must have majority control of a Region, rounded up if there are an odd number of Provinces, to use the Regional Bonuses. It does not matter how many Provinces other daimyo control or how many troops are in each Province or the Region as a whole; if a player controls the majority of Provinces in a Region, he receives the Regional Bonuses at the appropriate times.

Note Takeda’s correction

The last 4 troops should be set up West of Shinano, not East of Shinano (from page 11 of the rule book).

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