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Our first game:
Daimyo Senso

Daimyo Senso features:
* 1 - 8 Players
* Full 8 player game in under 2 hours (by standard rules)
* Fantastic solo campaigns
* 8 unique daimyo for players to control
* Standard rules for crisp, quick gameplay without player elimination
* Optional rules for longer, player elimination games
* Optional rules allowing more player freedom
* Optional setup to play the whole map at all player counts
* Powerful special actions for each daimyo to perform; all 32 special actions (4 per daimyo) are unique
* Intro video to Daimyo Senso can be viewed here
* 3 player demo can be viewed here
* Download the Daimyo Senso Rule Book here

Daimyo Senso is currently for sale at our store!

Review for Daimyo Senso


Let’s take a look at Daimyo Senso from @warrior.with.a.pen.games ☺️ …Initial thoughts, the map is giant and gorgeous! There’s nothing worse than playing an area control game on a tiny map! While the different factions are similar, they have very different powers and “personalities”, and it’s just enough asymmetry to make things interesting and replayable without making the game unbalanced. I also like that there are rules for solo play, 1v1, or up to 8 players. The setup for all of these modes is clearly laid out in the manual. I also like the clean simplicity of this one. There aren’t any dice or fiddly mechanics. The rules are straightforward and easy to pick up. If you are a fan of area control and more cerebral strategy games, then definitely give Daimyo Senso a try!


Daimyo Senso is a good entry point for folks wanting to get into area control war games. It’s also a nice mid week after work game that seasoned players would enjoy to have in their collection. Daimyo Senso also offers a fun turn based multilevel strategy game that will have people coming back for more.

Newly released: DetoNations

See our store for more info on this brand new game, featuring 2-6 players in a race to see which country can become the first to build and successfully test a nuke.


  • Asymmetric play

  • 2-6 players

  • Simple game mechanics

  • Extreme failures

  • Gratifying successes

  • Great replayability as everyone will want to try each of the countries

Huang: a Three Kingdoms TTRPG

Huang is set in Three Kingdoms China, during a tumultuous civil war, and players must navigate the dangerous world. Full of larger-than-life heroes and villains, Huang helps players tell incredibly epic stories of heroism and deceit, victory and betrayal, glory and even shame.

With player attributes scaling from 5 to 100, the mechanics of Huang are fresh, new, and also work among the epic scale of the stories. Any time a die is rolled, if it maxes out (like rolling a natural 20 on a 20-sided die), the player keeps the total and roll that die again. On any die… Rolled for any reason…

The book contains everything needed for players to make their characters, understand how actions work, learn about our pitched battle system, and even see some heroes they might encounter in person (but hopefully not on the battlefield, for now).

Seven introductory stories near the back of the book help new GMs and players ease into the setting, get into the mindset of the people from the period, and learn in depth the deep mechanics of the game.

Hunting the Tiger of Kai

Hunting the Tiger of Kai is a co-op dice fest where players team up to battle the followers of Takeda Shingen, known as the Tiger of Kai, in hopes of finding Shingen himself and destroying him.
* 1 - 6 players
* 6 asymmetric heroes for players to control
* Players gain a level up (and a new skill) for every opponent defeated
* 4 different difficulty levels
* Based on real historic samurai of 16th century Japan

Coming Soon!

Hatamoto: Rivals

A semi-cooperative game where players try to keep the mighty Takeda war machine supplied with troops and food. Whichever player gains the most honor by being the best Hatamoto will be the winner.

  • 2-6 players

  • 12 different heroes to choose from, each with his own strengths and weaknesses

  • Players train Infantry, Cavalry, and Riflemen, while also supplying Rice and investing in markets for future turns

  • Players pay each other Favors to force other players to help them later on

Keywords: Board game, game, samurai, nuke, Japan, Three Kingdoms, China, Chinese history, Japanese history, multi-player,

multiple players, card game, dice game, competitive, area control,


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